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Finance Automation

  • 345 Students
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Unlock the secrets of Investment Banking: Master financial analysis, deal structuring, and risk management for a successful career in finance.
  • 94 Students
  • Lifetime
Enhance your financial acumen. Learn liquidity management strategies applicable in various industries. Essential for consultants and managers.
  • 236 Students
  • Lifetime
Master the language of finance with 'Accounting 101: Grasping and Analyzing Balance Sheets'—your key to financial literacy success!
  • 871 Students
  • Lifetime
Unlock the keys to financial analysis excellence with this course, designed for both seasoned professionals and aspiring individuals looking to navigate the intricate landscape of finance confidently.
  • 887 Students
  • Lifetime
Master the art of financial modeling tailored for startups and small businesses. Equip yourself with essential skills to construct robust models, analyze key financial metrics, and make informed decisions. Perfect...
  • 88 Students
  • Lifetime
Join 'The Finance Manager Course' to unlock strategic financial leadership skills, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions in the dynamic world of finance management.
  • 922 Students
  • Lifetime
Acquire a thorough understanding of financial modeling, forecasting, and business valuation methodologies tailored for finance professionals.
  • 249 Students
  • Lifetime
Understand financial statements and communicate in the business vernacular without the tediousness associated with a conventional accounting course.
  • 1022 Students
  • Lifetime
Financial Management and Planning for Entrepreneurs and Start Ups. This comprehensive course will empower you to take charge of your financial future by providing practical insights and actionable strategies.
  • 334 Students
  • Lifetime
A foundational training program in use case modeling designed for individuals aspiring to become Business Analysts or those seeking to shift into a BA position.
  • 51 Students
  • Lifetime
Novice to Expert: Grasp Excel Shortcuts, Formulas, and Functions Tailored for Financial Modeling and Corporate Finance Learning